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Lightbox galleries

There are few ways how to show multiple images in Froont. Slideshow/carousel is one and showing images in a lightbox is another one. More gallery types are coming soon.

Before you start, check out this project with a gallery. You can clone it to see how galleries work.

To create a gallery you can find the Gallery widget in Library > Ready made or drag multiple images on an image widget. Keep in mind that adding images on a container will simply add a background image. Drag images to create a gallery

Be sure that you are dragging the images on an image widget. You can recognize them in the widget tree by their icon:

Image icon

On the right-hand-side panel gallery properties pane will appear. There you can change the cover image for the gallery, show or hide thumbnails.

Gallery panel

To re-arrange the images, enable the Expert mode and reorder images in the Widget tree.

Widget tree

Note, to see galleries in action toggle Preview mode.

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