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How to improve site’s SEO

Your page’s ranking in search engines is influenced by many factors, like backlinks, the age of the domain, site speed and more. There’s a list of things you must do to improve SEO.

First of all, there is no silver bullet. Backlinks or links to your site from other pages are one of the most important factors. Also, you can’t optimize the page just to rank higher. Instead, you optimize it for a certain keyword or keyword phrases. Let’s go through an example where you want to be found as a local piano maker.

  1. Keep the text and images balanced. If your page consists only of images, for search engines it is more difficult to find what’s it all about. Simply put – content is the king.
  2. The page title and meta description should be added and contain that keyword. In the title add something like Joe Niemann, the best local piano maker in New York. In the Meta description add a compelling ad copy that gives a short overview what is it about. I.e. Welcome to the Joe’s Pianos, the best local piano maker in New York city since 1920. Keep meta description concise, between 150 and 160 characters.
  3. Use Heading attributes. The most important text should be H1, less important H2, H3 etc. The main copy should be Paragraph. That way search engines can understand what’s important on the site and what’s the hierarchy of information. Add the focus keyword in some H2 tags as well, but don’t overdo it, keep the language natural.
  4. Add ALT tags to images. Google places high importance to ALT tags of the image. That’s a way how it can determine what’s in there and what’s around it. The ALT tag should say what’s on the image and each image should have an ALT tag, as it’s also used for screen readers and without it blind or visually impaired people can’t know what’s in there. Image title is less important and can be left out.
  5. Mention your keyword or phrase in the text as it is. Find a local piano maker will perform better than a Person who makes pianos – try to keep the same word order as in the keywords you are focusing your page on.
  6. Keep your images as lightweight as possible. That will increase the site speed and also the rankings.

These are just a few steps to do, but there are way more. You can check out this list:

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