Responsive Navigation

To add a navigation:

1. Select Add Content Library/Ready-made/Navigation and drag one of the widgets into your project.

ScrSht 2015-01-14 at 17.29.29
2. You can type in your own section names by double-clicking on the texts.

your own section names
3. You might want to add or delete sections. To do that go to Widget Properties Panel and find Navigation tab.
To Add press Add Menu Item button:
To remove an item press Delete Item:


And check out how it looks like in Mobile view:

To change the alignment for menu items, select the navigation widget and in Widget Properties panel/Advanced/Text-align select right, centre or left:


Free Images

To add an image to your widgets:

1. Select Add Content Library/Free Images

3. Drag any image into your widgets:

Library objects

This video tutorial will provide you with information about adding and accessing library objects. You’ll learn the following things:

Accessing objects from Library;
Adding objects to private Library;
Formatting objects from Library.