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Export page to WordPress

When you are on the Publisher plan, you can import any page created in Froont to your WordPress site as a static page (or post). To do that you must have a WordPress plugin installed. Follow this step by step instruction:

1. In your WordPress dashboard install the Froont plugin. Type “Froont” into the plugin search that is located under Plugins > Add new:


2. When the plugin is installed, enter your unique API key to connect it to your Froont account. The key is located in the Integrations tab in your Froont settings panel. Or you can use our demo key: f15af5b31b279f5426b3cd3762bd3c4b

API key

Go back to your WordPress Settings panel Add the API key here:

Settings for the Froont plugin

Notice, that you can define variables in the page like this: [Title], [Author] and [Date] are automatically replaced with the settings of your WordPress page like post or page title, author and the date. For advanced usage, you can add extra modifications by editing the file in your plugins folder: functions.php which is located in your WordPress theme.

6. Now you are all set. When you are creating a new post/page you can choose any project from your Froont account and import it directly to WordPress.


7. After the import the content, images and scripts will be copied to your WordPress Uploads folder. The text content will be also imported to your post, so after using the native WordPress search it will be shown as a regular page. Use the Save Draft button to see the text inside the post.

Test is added to the WP page

8. To update the page, you can re-import the project or choose another project from the drop-down menu if you want to replace it.

Import Froont project

The feature is aimed at media publishers to create custom designed posts without limitations of the current theme. Yet it can be used to create custom landing pages for your marketing campaigns or pretty much for any page where a custom design is necessary.

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