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What is a widget?

In Froont all objects are called widgets. An image, a container or a text – it is a piece of code we have written for you and named it a “widget”, so that you can complete tasks faster and forget about coding.

This is a full list of available widgets at your service:

basic elements


Container is on of the basic building blocks. It can contain any other widget. It also can have a background colour or background image. It also supports nesting of widgets – a container can have another container in there.

Grid widget


The function of a grid widget is to align other widgets into a grid. It can contain any other type of widget. They also can be nested endlessly – A grid widget can contain a container where another grid widget is in…



Text widget is used to add text. It allows you to format text and edit its HTML.


Use image widget if you want to add an image. The image an be added either by dragging it onto container or by a double click and the same applies when you are replacing the image. The widget aspect ration will be locked to the image aspect ratio.


Scalable Vector Graphics is a vector file format you can use directly in FROONT. It acts a lot like image widget, but the difference is that the colour, stroke and background can be changed at any time.

Video widget


Allows to embed video from services like YouTube, Vimeo and others. It automatically adjusts the video size so that your video will be responsive right away.

HTML widget

As the name suggests you can add any HTML into this and extend the functionality of your projects.

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