What is FROONT for?

FROONT is a tool for designers to speed up the process of prototype and design responsive web sites. Responsive layouts, relative units, percent based grids, testing designs in real environments like various browsers and mobile devices, communicating your ideas with developers and clients – that’s what we are focusing on.

Can I use FROONT for production?

Yes you can – our website www.froont.com is made 100% with FROONT, however our focus is prototyping and design stage of responsive web sites.

Is the exported code production ready?

It can be used for production, however it is meant to be more as a boilerplate, a starting point.

How does FROONT fit in my workflow?

FROONT can speed up the design process for both designers or developers. We aren’t aiming to kill Photoshop or other design software you are using now. We rather focus on things conventional tools doesn’t do, like designing fluid layouts, working with web fonts, percent based grids and testing designs on mobile devices. We aren’t killing coding either – we simply provide a visual alternative to it.

How do I share a project?

All projects have an unique URL you can share with others instantly – simply copy it from the address bar and send the link.

Can I create multiple pages?

Yes, you can link multiple projects together. A full multi-page functionality is coming later this year.

Can I add my own, custom domain name and host the page?

Yes! And that’s super simple! On all paid plans you can add your domain name and host a page on FROONT.

What are public and private projects?

All projects by default are public and accessible by other users. That means anyone can view and registered users fork (clone) them. Private projects are visible only by you, although you can share them with others if you like.

How do I make my project private?

Simply choose the Lock icon in the corner of the page thumbnail.

What’s the pricing model?

All public projects are free. We charge for extras like the ability to make projects private, versions, branding removal.

Can I use FROONT on a tablet?

You can view the projects on any device, including tablets, but editing currently is possible only on a computer using Chrome or Firefox.

I think I love FROONT, what to do now?

Awesome! Help us to improve it! Find a bug and let us know about it at feedback@froont.com!